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Posted by admin on March 10, 2011


Save Space with Mobile Shelving


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Diversified's Movable shelving can help you dramatically reduce storage space with great flexibility in what is stored. Mobile shelving eliminates unnecessary aisles to save a tremendous amount of space. Typically you can double your storage capacity in the same amount of floor space.


Features include:

  • Choose from electronically controlled, mechanical assist and manual systems to meet your specific needs most cost-efficiently.
  • Flexible rail system options allow hassle-free installation in new construction, existing structures and even temporary or leased facilities.
  • Diversified Storage Systems will assist your staff in conducting a survey to prove the space/moneysaving benefits and payback period of a Kompakt System

Modular Shelving


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Modular Shelving Systems 
Adaptable, durable, easily accessible, and attractively designed. 

  • Very GREEN - promotes sustainable design - can be easily changed as your business needs change
  • Available with a full line of accessories - add drawers etc as your needs dictate
  • Available for heavy duty storage, library applications, and filing needs
  • All  Shelving is painted with a tough, long lasting enamel finish to ensure years of lasting beauty
  • Sleek, attractive appearance with no exposed holes on uprights
  • Extremely sturdy - handles loads up to 400 lbs per shelf
  • Contemporary styling--shelf covers shelf supports for a clean contemporary look
  • Easy assembly - shelf supports snap into keyhole slot design on uprights
  • Numerous shelving sizes
  • Easily mounted on mobile track systems 

Wire Shelving




Wire Shelving - flexible storage that's easy to configure to your requirements. Available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Extremely sturdy - dust free storage helps you organize and control your materials. 


Aurora Lazy Susan Rotating Cabinets


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  • Extremely space efficient 
  • Shelves rotate on a turntable base 
  • Increased accessibility
  • Rotates to the locked position for materials storage securely
  • Enhances decor of open office plans at the same cost as lateral files

The Electronic Lateral File:


Lektriever Vertical Carousels - get more work done in less time by eliminating the need to walk to and from file cabinets


Store more in less space by using vertical "air"  space.


Reduce fatigue and improve accessibility by eliminating the need to bend, lift, reach,and stretch.


Embraces the spirit of the ADA for accessibility to workers, including physically challenged operators requiring wheel chairs.


Accommodates a wide range of media from file folders, books and binders to computer disks, small parts and other items


Provides enhanced security for your valuable materials - Lektriever's can be setup to require passwords in order to access the machines contents!






Available from leading manufacturers - Penco, Art Metal and Tennsco.


From gym lockers to miltary grade weapon storage lockers we provide it all


Get the job done with lockers from Diversified Storage Systems!