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Product & Services Listing Page. A Brief Listing Of Our Most Popular Products. Want More Info? Contact Us!





Office & Industrial Shelving. Sturdy and economical - indispensible for efficient storage. Huge selection of styles, construction and brands.







Mobile Shelving. Got too much stuff and not enough space to store it? Mobile shelving yields amazing improvements in space efficiency. Space....its a terrible thing to waste!





Automated Vertical Carousels. Automate the storage and retrieval of your materials. Get dramatic improvements in productivity, ergonomics and space savings. There's a vertical solution for every storage requirement. 








Rotary Cabinets (Lazy Susan's). A unique way to store, retrieve and secure your valuable materials. Cabinets rotate from open to closed with a simple push. Also allows access to both sides for quick efficient retrieval your materials.








Lockers. One for every application. School, Athletic and Law Enforcement to name few.








Services. We service and install all kinds of products. Need your Lektriever repaired? Move your mobile shelving? Install some shelving or lockers?


Contact us - we're eager to help!







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